Oral History

Call for Participants for an Historical Study of Transgender Political Activism in the Midwest from 1950 through 2000

I am a graduate student at Ohio State University writing a history of transgender political movements in the Midwest from 1950 through 2000.  I am committed to telling the stories of transgender people for both scholarly and personal reasons.  I myself am a nonbinary transgender person with transgender family.  I have been involved in queer and transgender political and artistic communities for many years. If you are a trans person of any gender identity or were involved in any way with trans political activism in the Midwest from the years 1950 through 2000, I would love to hear from you.  Both in-person and telephone/skype interviews can be scheduled.  For more information about the project, or to volunteer to participate, please e-mail me at ellison.1607@osu.edu or call me and leave a message at 773-746-4050.


Thank you very much,

Joy Ellison