Granger Watch Episode 2: Harry Potter and the Pop Culture Conference Panel Recording

Oh yes, it’s Granger Watch!  This second episode is very special.  It was recorded live at DePaul University’s “Harry Potter and the Pop Culture Conference” during our panel “From Representation to Resistance – Re-imagining Harry Potter to Reflect our Struggles.”  Contents include:

Cynthia Medrano providing a brown girl reading of Hermione and S.P.E.W. [text here].
– Kennedy Healy drawing connections between “the boy who lived” and the radical potential of disability politics [text here].
– Joy Ellison (that’s me!) claiming Neville Longbottom as learning disabled [text here].
– Amazing insights from audience members on inter-generational organizing and using Harry Potter to inspire our resistance.
– Very critical commentary on wizard poop and the Hogwarts-to-Azkaban pipeline.
You can see the slides from our presentation right here.  It’s almost as good as being there.
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snape approves

[Image description: Snape claps.  Text reads “SNAPE APPROVES.”]

Getting ready for Ohio State University’s Queer Places, Practices, and Lives III conference!

Too Cute to be Binary

I’m pumped to present my paper “I May Be Crazy but that Don’t Make Me Wrong: Marsha P. Johnson’s Life and Activism through the Lens of Ableist Trans-misogynoir” at Ohio State University’s Queer Places, Practices, and Lives III conference. I’m also excited to be rocking my new “too cute to be binary t-shirt” and beyond thrilled to get to listen to a keynote from Miss Major Griffin-Gracie. [Image description: me, a white person with a goofy grin in a grey t-shirt with the text “too cute to be binary” and a blue and green sports coat.]

Granger Watch 1 – Howlers for Health Care

I’m excited to release my first episode of my new podcast Granger Watch!

Granger Watch is the real live 2017 vrs of the Potter Watch radio broadcast depicted in the 7th book of the Harry Potter series.  Naturally, it is named after Hermione Granger, the girl who saved everyone. It is the companion podcast for my Defense Against the Orange Arts video series.  While those videos focus on activist skills and how-tos, Granger Watch covers news about our resistance movements against the Butterbeer Bigot Donald Trump.

In this episode, I’m very excited to introduce my first guest, badass witch Amy Knickrehm.  Amy shares about her health care activism, including her ACA story project.   Listen for details about the #medicare4all bill, my theory that Mike Pence is a horocrux, and a very special Star Trek reference.

If you want to get involved in Amy’s ACA story project, send an electronic owl to  I also urge you to get involved with #medicare4all by sending a howler for health care to your elected officials.  A script that will make it easy is here.  If you want to learn more about how to contact your elected officials, then join me in the room of requirement for a Defense Against the Orange Arts lesson.

For members of the wizarding world who prefer to a text version, a partial transcript is available here.




Over the last year, I’ve been writing about Palestine again. The first of these stories just came out today!

I’d stopped writing about Palestine after completing my graphic novel script. Writing that graphic novel helped me to deal with my ongoing trauma and transition back to living in the US. I started again because I realized that healing needed to continue.

Unlike my previous writing, in which I wrote to inform and kept the focus off myself, this time I decide to include myself and my feelings. I needed to write about the stories and feelings that I have become stuck in my mind.

I have been using more literary styles than journalistic, which has been a pleasant shift. I hope that a couple more pieces, which I do think turned out beautifully, will be published soon.

Check out “Lion-Hearted” on Story Club Magazine.