Consulting and Speaking

I am committed to creating free, publicly available educational resources, like my “If We Knew Trans History” series and “Defense Against the Orange Arts” project.  I am also available for consulting and speaking for reasonable rates.


Want to know more about transgender identity or disability?  I can create personalized resource lists, answer your questions, and problem solve with you.  I also provide research and beta-reading services for both non-fiction and creative writers.


Looking for a knowledgeable speaker that knows how to engage your audience?  I have a decade of experience as a teacher and grassroots educator.  I have spoken about transgender access in higher education, disability justice, Palestine, activist skills, and even Harry Potter.  I am available via video conference or in person.


I offer my work on a sliding scale.  Email me with a description of your needs and I will provide you with a rate and estimate.   I always work with student organizations to ensure finances are never a barrier.