Speaking and consulting

I am committed to creating free, publicly available educational resources, like my “If We Knew Trans History” series and “Defense Against the Orange Arts” project.  I am also available for consulting and speaking for reasonable rates.

Book Promotions:

During the COVID-19 pandemic, I am working hard to promote my upcoming picture book Sylvia and Marsha Start a Revolution. I am available for online readings, digital library visits, virtual book signings, and guest blogging, as well as live workshops for kids and parents. Please contact me and we’ll create an event together.


Looking for a knowledgeable speaker that knows how to engage your audience?  I have over a decade of experience as a teacher and grassroots educator.  I have spoken about transgender access in higher education, disability justice, Palestine, activist skills, and even Harry Potter.  I am available via video conference or in person.


Want to know more about transgender identity or disability?  I can create personalized resource lists, answer your questions, and problem solve with you.  I also provide research and beta-reading services for both non-fiction and creative writers.


I offer my work on a sliding scale.  Email me with a description of your needs and I will provide you with a rate and estimate.   I always work with student organizations to ensure finances are never a barrier.