Writing CV

Published Creative Work and Editing Experience

“Bad Penny,” Headcase Anthology, Publication Date Pending

“Punchline,” Polychrome Ink Literary Magazine, 4/26/2016

“Silence” Live Literature Performance, Story Club South Side, 4/19/2016

“Dolphin Sex Poetry Slam: My Online Dating Regrets” Live Literature Performance, Tenx9, 3/30/2016

“Brave” Live Literature Performance, Story Club South Side, 3/16/2016

“Dolphin Sex Poetry Slam: My Online Dating Regrets” Live Literature Performance, Story Lab, 3/15/2016

Color Me Rising Coloring Book Copywriter and Proofreader, 1/23/2016

“A Donkey Shit Christmas Carol,” Story Club Magazine, 12/16/2015

“A Donkey Shit Christmas Carol” Live Literature Performance, Essay Fiesta, 8/16/2015

“Transgender Travels through Gender, Space, and Time” Chicago Literati, 6/23/2015

“High Fidelity: Five Reasons We Love our Record Player” Offbeat Home, 1/22/2015

“Results Inconclusive” Story Club Magazine, 1/7/2015, reprinted in Role Reboot, 1/9/2015

“Results Inconclusive” Live Literature Performance, Story Club South Side, 9/15/2014

“Race and Gender in Doctor Who: Beyond Who Plays the Doctor” Racialious, 6/23/2013

“Beyond the Flame: How the Olympics Distracts us from Transnationalism” In Our Words, 7/10/2012

“Book review: Comic curmudgeon Harvey Pekar faces truth about Israel” Electronic Intifada, 7/8/2012

“Asking Israel Why it Tortured my Friend” Electronic Intifada, 2/25/2012

“No Change for At-Tuwani: Obama’s Speeches and Area C” Mondoweiss, 5/27/2011

“At Least There’s Food in Prison!” Electronic Intifada, 7/2/2010

“It Happens every Day,” Spirit Rising Anthology, May 2010

“Prison Walls,” Electronic Intifada, 8/29/2009

“Nonviolent Resistance in the South Hebron Hills,” Electronic Intifada, 6/18/2009

“Tony Blair and the Full Measure of Justice,” Electronic Intifada, 4/30/2009

“When I’m Big, Will I Go to Jail Like Daddy?” Electronic Intifada, 3/8/2008

“Dreaming of Paradise,” Electronic Intifada, 8/15/2008

“Proud of What?” Just Out, 8/18/2006, Vol. 23 Issue 20, p17-17, 1/2p

100 Ways of Peace from Palestine by Samih Abu Zakieh, assisting English language copy editor, 2006 “Mordechai and Me,” The Peaceworker, April 2006

“A Conversation with Jerry and Sis Levin,” The Peaceworker, May 2006

“What Americans should understand about Palestine,” The Columbian, 6/17/2005

“American Educator in Palestine,” The Columbian, 5/20/2005

Awards and Honors

“What Would Martin Luther King Jr. Do” Essay Contest Winner, 2011

Writing-Related Employment

Department Newsletter Co-Editor, Women’s and Gender Studies Department, DePaul University, (September 2012- June 2013)

  • Edited quarterly newsletter, taking responsibility for content and layout


Organizer/Media Coordinator, Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT), West Bank (September 2007 – June 2010)

  • Supported nonviolence campaigns in a small village in the West Bank where Palestinian children and adults are regularly subjected to violence by writing and editing press releases, advisories, articles and reports