Tuwani: The Graphic Novel Update – First Draft Finished!

After three months of very hard work, on October 10th, I finished up the first draft of the script for “Tuwani: The Graphic Novel!”  I wish I could say that I celebrated, but I…collapsed into a puddle of happy exhaustion.   Now I’m taking a break from the graphic novel and working on some other writing projects – like “Airplanes: A Love Letter,” a comic for which I have actually found an artist!  Yay!  And, more importantly, I’m getting ready to go to Italy for the 2010 At-Tuwani Women’s Cooperative Speaking Tour!   I’ll be translating for Keifah Al-Addera and her husband, Nasser, as they travel around Italy speaking about the situation in Tuwani.  I’m very excited and will be updating you with more information as the tour starts.

Until then, ma’salame.  Rebel joyfully!


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