Send Us to Camp!: Fundraising for the 2011 At-Tuwani Summer Camp with Humanity Together

We at Humanity Together recently got an email asking if we would be willing to raise the money for the 2011 At-Tuwani Summer Camp.   Our answer?   Of course!  The Tuwani Summer Camp is an annual event about which I care deeply.   For the children of the At-Tuwani-area (and, quite honestly, the internationals working in the village as well) summer camp is one of the highlights of the summer.   Summer Camp is two weeks of games, dancing, sports, and lots of laughter and it couldn’t be more important to the kids of the village.  As Keifah, the director of the Women’s Cooperative says, “We want our children to see that live is still beautiful, even under military occupation.”

Below is the fundraising video I put together on Humanity Together’s behalf.  For donation information, visit our facebook page.


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