Granger Watch Episode 2: Harry Potter and the Pop Culture Conference Panel Recording

Oh yes, it’s Granger Watch!  This second episode is very special.  It was recorded live at DePaul University’s “Harry Potter and the Pop Culture Conference” during our panel “From Representation to Resistance – Re-imagining Harry Potter to Reflect our Struggles.”  Contents include:

Cynthia Medrano providing a brown girl reading of Hermione and S.P.E.W. [text here].
– Kennedy Healy drawing connections between “the boy who lived” and the radical potential of disability politics [text here].
– Joy Ellison (that’s me!) claiming Neville Longbottom as learning disabled [text here].
– Amazing insights from audience members on inter-generational organizing and using Harry Potter to inspire our resistance.
– Very critical commentary on wizard poop and the Hogwarts-to-Azkaban pipeline.
You can see the slides from our presentation right here.  It’s almost as good as being there.
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snape approves

[Image description: Snape claps.  Text reads “SNAPE APPROVES.”]


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