Granger Watch Episode Three: Does Maxine Waters have a Time Turner?

In this episode, I interview Ron and Hermione about our recent healthcare victory and ask a very important question: Is Maxine Waters a Hogwarts professor and does she have a time turner?  A partial transcript for magical beings who prefer print is available here.

About Granger Watch:

Granger Watch LogoGranger Watch is the real live 2017 version of the Potter Watch radio broadcast depicted in the 7th book of the Harry Potter series.  Naturally, it is named after Hermione Granger, the girl who saved everyone. It is the companion podcast for my Defense Against the Orange Arts video series.  While those videos focus on activist skills and how-tos, Granger Watch covers news about our resistance movements against the Butterbeer Bigot Donald Trump.

[Image description: Granger Watch logo]


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