I interviewed Fred and George Weasley about “Civility”

So, lately some Death Eaters have been in the news asking us to keep it civil.

i'm sure we're all going to be very good friends

[Umbridge says, “I’m sure we’re all going to be very good friends.]

I have a lot of questions about the political implications of civility, so I decided to interview two of the most accomplished activists in the wizarding world, Fred and George Weasley.


[Fred and George grin]

Fred and George, do you think a polite conversation is going to stop ICE raids?


[Fred rolls his eyes and says, “That’s likely.]

How to you feel about Nancy Pelosi’s criticism of Maxine Waters’ calls for protests against Trump officials?

come again

[Fred says, “Come again?”]

Seriously, Pelosi told Waters, a Black woman who survived Jim Crow, to be more polite because that’s what will make social change.

judging you

[George shakes his head.  Text reads #JUDGING YOU]

Yeah, people are saying that we should deal with babies locked up in cages, threats to voting rights, increased income inequality, the Muslim travel ban, a growing prison system, and daily police violence by being nice.

thats rubbish

[Fred and George yell “THAT’S RUBBISH!”]

What’s your opinion of Maxine Waters’ idea that we should confront Trump officials whenever and wherever we see them?

f and g wicked

[Fred and George say, “Wicked.”]

What do you think about activists who have broken injust laws and raised their voices, even when people criticized them for being rude?


[George says, “We owe them so much.” Fred nods.]

And what are you personally doing in response to Death Eater-In-Chief Donald Trump’s immigration policies?


[Fred and George say, “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.”]

So, you’re engaging in direct action?  Trying to stop injustices as they happen?


[Fred and George wink rakishly.]

Have you heard about the national day of action against immigrant detention on June 30th?  There will be demonstrations all over the United States.

wanna go

[Fred says to George, “Wanna go?”]

What do you want to say to everyone who has been speaking and acting against Trump’s immigration policies and other hateful actions? 

[Two images of Fred and George clapping and cheering]

In closing, is being polite ever more important than standing up for justice?


[Fred and George say, “Never.”]

Last, what do you hope will happen to Trump officials and anyone else who colludes with them?

umbridge runs

[Umbridge runs from Fred and George’s fireworks]


[Fred and George fly on brooms through their fireworks and high-five.]

Me too, boys.  Thanks for your time!


Granger Watch Episode 4: Magical Headlines from Oakland to Gaza


Transcript below

Hey there, wizarding world.  My name is Joy and you’re listening to Granger Watch.  Granger Watch is the IRL real time version of the Potter Watch radio broadcasts.  Like Potter Watch, I aim to provide news and thoughts about our resistance movement.  Harry, Hermione and Ron were up against Voldemort and we’re fighting the President Pumpkin juice, He Who Must Be Named And Shamed, But Shouldn’t Be Tagged On Twitter Donald Trump.  And of course, Granger Watch is named in honor of the girl who saved everybody Hermione Granger and all of the other witches, cis, trans, and non-binary, who hold down all of our movements.

It’s Friday, May 18th 2018.  This week marks the 70th anniversary of what Palestinians call the Nakba.  That’s what I’m going to be talking about with you today, but first, here are some other news headlines and tales of resistance from your wizarding world.

Death Eater in Chief Donald Trump has announced that he considering plans to hold immigrant children on military bases after they are apprehended crossing the U.S.-Mexico border. The proposal is the latest signal the Trump administration plans to separate immigrant parents from their children if they are apprehended crossing the border without authorization.  We call on all witches, wizards, and non-binary magicians to provide children and their parents with safe passage.

The senate has voted to protect Net Neutrality.  We are asking wizard activists to send owls to their members of the house of representative urging them to do the same.  You can find a link the show transcript: https://action.aclu.org/send-message/save-net-neutrality?redirect=save-net-neutrality-fb&ms_aff=NAT&initms_aff=NAT&ms=180516_freespeech_netneutrality&initms=180516_freespeech_netneutrality&ms_chan=fb&initms_chan=fb&af=#sb_query_string_encrypted##

Gazillionaire Amazon founder Jeffrey Preston Bezos, well-known buddy of Lucius Malfoy, tried to prevent the city of Seattle from passing a tax that would benefit the homeless.  Despite his pressure, the city council did vote for a scaled back version of the tax measure.  Suck it, Jeff.

Thanks to the protests of Black women and their supports, the music of muggle rapper R. Kelly has been removed from the muggle music streaming service Spotify.  After decades of abusing Black girls, R. Kelly is the target of a movement called #MuteRKelly, which asks the music industry to finally take the mic away from him.  As you may remember, Dumbledore once called music one of the strongest magic known to muggles and wizards alike, but it seems the venerable professor forgot about one magic stronger: the protests movements of Black women.

In other news, a string on incidents in which death eaters called the police on Black people just trying to live their lives have finally been reported on widely.  Events like this, in which white people call the police prompted by nothing but their own racism, are common, but rarely reported.  In Oakland, after rumored death eater Michelle Snider harassed a Black family just trying to have a cookout, after least 100 people held a protest and dance party in response.

Finally, it has been confirmed that muggle musician DJ Khaled is under the dreaded curse patriarchy.  We wish his wife well in this time of affliction.

Now we come to our main news feature: the ongoing protests and human rights crisis in the occupied Palestinian territories.  The Israeli army has killed at least 60 Palestinian protestors in Gaza. In total, more than 2,700 Palestinians have been injured, about half from live ammunition. These Palestinians are participating in the Great March of Return – that is to say, they are attempting to return to homes from which they have been ethnically cleansed. That’s the story behind the news headlines that you aren’t being told: in 1948, 75,000 Palestinians were made refugees when the state of Israel was founded. Today is the anniversary of that event, a day Palestinians call the Nakba (Arabic for catastrophe). 70 years later, in Gaza, these refugees and many other Palestinians live without adequate food, water or electricity.

You can support their struggle:

First, learn more about the situation: https://electronicintifada.net/…/horrific-unprecedented-isr…

Second, contact your elected officials: https://www.afsc.org/…/hold-israel-accountable-killing-pale…#!

Third, join a local march commemorating the Nakba.

Forth, support the Palestinian-led boycott, divestment, and sanctions movement. https://bdsmovement.net/get-involved/action-alerts

Fifth, donate to medical relief: https://www.facebook.com/donate/252021992035461/969344096575638/

Thanks for joining me for Granger Watch.  You’ll never need a password to tune in.  I just ask you to share the link to this podcast with all your friends in the wizarding world.  Until next time, keep each other safe and keep the faith.

Granger Watch is intended as comedy and satire.  While it links to news outlets, Granger Watch is not a news source.

Three Lessons about Hate Movements We Can Learn From Harry Potter

My name is Joy Ellison and I’m the creator of the “Defense Against the Orange Arts” video series and the “Granger Watch” podcast.  I make Harry Potter-themed content that helps us understand and fight back against fascism and organized white supremacy. 

This is a very important moment to talk about white supremacy.  Here are three important lessons about organized hate movements that we can learn from Harry Potter.


my father 2

[Image description: Draco say “My father will hear about this!”]

  1. Hatred doesn’t always look evil. Take the Malfoys.  Draco was a jerk, for sure, but he wasn’t a cartoon version of an evil character.  His father was a respectable, wealthy man with a lot of influence in the wizarding world.  People treated the Malfoys like they weren’t the type of people to get involved with Death Eaters  — and that was one of the reasons they became so dangerous.  Today, most white supremacists don’t “look” racist.  Furthermore, all white people benefit from racism and are complicit in perpetuating it.  We need to start taking seriously our complicity and retire the notion that only “bad people” can be racist.peter-pettigrew[Image Description: Peter Pettigrew cowers]
  2. Just because the fascists aren’t competent doesn’t mean they aren’t dangerous.   A lot of Voldemort’s followers weren’t gifted wizards.  Peter Pettigrew certainly wasn’t, but that didn’t stop him from helping to bring Voldemort back into power.  Today’s white power movement is full of people who are easy to make fun of.  Humor can be a potent tool against hatred, but we shouldn’t kid ourselves.  Just because these alt-Death Eaters aren’t very clever doesn’t mean we can move aside and let them continue recruiting and rallying.
  3. he's not backWe ignore fascism and white supremacy at our peril.  Just like Cornelius Fudge, a lot of white people don’t want to believe that things are really this bad, but the communities who are the most impacted by hate movements are telling us that it’s been bad for centuries.  Voldemort isn’t just back – he never left.  It’s past time to do something.

One of the most important things white people, like me, can do to combat white supremacy is give our money and resources to the people of color who are leading the fight.  If you’re a Harry Potter fan or just someone who cares about justice, find a local racial justice organization and donate your time and galleons.