Granger Watch 1 – Howlers for Health Care

I’m excited to release my first episode of my new podcast Granger Watch!

Granger Watch is the real live 2017 vrs of the Potter Watch radio broadcast depicted in the 7th book of the Harry Potter series.  Naturally, it is named after Hermione Granger, the girl who saved everyone. It is the companion podcast for my Defense Against the Orange Arts video series.  While those videos focus on activist skills and how-tos, Granger Watch covers news about our resistance movements against the Butterbeer Bigot Donald Trump.

In this episode, I’m very excited to introduce my first guest, badass witch Amy Knickrehm.  Amy shares about her health care activism, including her ACA story project.   Listen for details about the #medicare4all bill, my theory that Mike Pence is a horocrux, and a very special Star Trek reference.

If you want to get involved in Amy’s ACA story project, send an electronic owl to  I also urge you to get involved with #medicare4all by sending a howler for health care to your elected officials.  A script that will make it easy is here.  If you want to learn more about how to contact your elected officials, then join me in the room of requirement for a Defense Against the Orange Arts lesson.

For members of the wizarding world who prefer to a text version, a partial transcript is available here.



New Project: Defense Against the Orange Arts

Don’t know what to do to fight President Pumpkin Juice? You need Defense Against the Orange Arts Lessons. Here’s your first: How to Send an Owl to Your Elected Officials.

In response to the violence and injustice of the Trump regime, I’m sharing my activist skills in Harry Potter-theme how-to videos.  Come on down to the room of requirement and join the fight against Donald and his death eaters.