We Have Each Other

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We have Each Other: Stories from Palestine tells the true story of one rural Palestine village’s struggle to stay together.

When the Israeli army demolishes her family’s home, Um Sabber says to her sons, “You know what happened to me. Remember the village where I was born? In ’48, the Israelis came and forced us out of our homes. Destroyed everything. Now they say my village never even existed. We can’t let that happen here. We’ll lose more than our land. We’ll lose our history – and each other.” Standing in the rubble of their family’s house, she admonishes her sons saying, “Find a way to stay.”

Through the medium of comics, We Have Each Other shows how one village is surviving in the face of Israeli military occupation. It is told as five interlocking short stories told in first person by a diverse group of village residents. I developed this script in consultation with my friends in the village, based on the stories I heard them tell visitors over the three years that I lived and worked beside them. This graphic novel is my love letter to the resistance and resilience of this community and aims to support their struggle by bringing their stories to a wider audience.

More information about We Have Each Other

We Have Each Other Facebook Page:  Regular updates and sneak peeks!

How this Project was Born: A graphic novel about Palestinian nonviolent resistance? Where did that idea come from?



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